Parking lot drainage issues and base layer repair

Asphalt Maintenance Systems has been servicing the country nationwide since 1998 and available to fully pave or maintain your asphalt or concrete surface. AMS prides itself on customer satisfaction and will employ the latest technology and equipment to do so. The latest technology combined with the staff’s expertise is what has made Asphalt Maintenance Systems the successful paving company it is today.

Our quality workmanship has been displayed throughout the community which has allowed us to attain new clients. One of those new clients recently called our office because they needed to repair their large parking lot in Beloit, WI, and had a short timeframe to do so. We immediately scheduled a visit to the site to inspect the repairs that needed to be made.

When inspecting the parking lot, I noticed that the parking lot had not been properly maintained. This neglect had led to numerous potholes, cracks, and drainage issues. The client was notified of the numerous issues within the parking lot and how those issues needed to be rectified.

We repaired three large potholes within the parking lot, as well as made base layer repairs. Once these repairs were made, we overlaid the entire parking lot to restore the parking lot to its full functionality. Our new client was thrilled with our ability to provide completed quality work on such a short notice, saying, “AMS is very professional! We had a tight time schedule and you guys nailed it!”