Could you be killing your asphalt?

Cracks in your pavement? Or Cracks in your sealer? That is the question. Over sealing is a common and silent killer of your asphalt and you may be partially to blame. Sealing with a cheap or watered down sealer will result in the sealer sometimes fading or turning gray. This makes people think they need to seal before sealing is actually needed. If sealer is applied before needing resealing it can result to the sealer building layers witch results in cracking of the sealer. Makeing people think it needs sealed again and the viscous cycle continues. Make sure about 60-70% off your old sealer is worn off before resealing. A AMS Asphalt error correction specialist can help assist you if you think you may be over sealing and help you find a solution and get you on the right maintenance plan. Call today. 866-561-3756