Best Paving Contractor in Monroe WI

In Monroe WI, Asphalt Maintenance Systems is the most trusted full-service paving company because we always work with integrity, value our local property owners, and provide warranties on every asphalt paving project. For over 20 years, we’ve been providing exceptional asphalt paving services in communities like Monroe WI, improving local properties with new parking lots, roadways, and other types of commercial pavement.

Quality Paving Services in Monroe WI

Why Choose Us

  • We believe in providing personalized service on every paving project, so we assign an Asphalt Error Correction Specialist to each client.
  • On every paving project, we provide a 3-year labor warranty so Wisconsin property managers and business owners can trust in our paving skills.
  • Our paving team has been named one of the Top Paving Contractors in the nation by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine for several years in a row.

All About Monroe WI

A lovely historic community in Green County, Monroe WI is a great place to stop when visiting America’s Dairyland. The town had a 2020 population of 10,661 and is bordered by the community of Clarno to the south. The town is known by locals as “the Swiss Cheese Capital of the USA,” and there are lots of things named for cheese in the area, such as the Cheese Country Trail, a hiking trail on a decommissioned rail line which has its eastern trailhead in Monroe. There are a lot of these biking and hiking trails in the area, including the Badger State Trail and the Jane Addams Trail.

There are plenty of local parks to enjoy like scenic Twinning Park, the Monroe Golf Club where you can get in a few holes, and locals even enjoy a picnic at the historic Greenwood Cemetery. Honey Creek runs through the town, providing fun spots to fish and hike and giving its name to Honey Creek Park, where there’s also a local skate park. The quaint little downtown area has some fun local shops and restaurants to enjoy like Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern, all great places to sample local cheeses and local brews! Suisse Haus Food & Spirits is another fun place within walking distance, and there are more local breweries to enjoy. All in all, Monroe Wisconsin is a great place to visit on a vacation to the area.

How To Find the Best Asphalt Contractor in Monroe WI

In communities around Monroe, WI, asphalt paving needs to be performed by trustworthy professional asphalt contractors who know the area. In Monroe, WI, these reputable asphalt contractors are at Asphalt Maintenance Services. We specialize in asphalt error correction and preventative maintenance, and we’ve been performing these top notch asphalt services in Monroe and surrounding areas since 1998.

What are the best commercial asphalt services in Monroe, WI?

The greater southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois area deals with a wide range of weather conditions that can affect pavement from heavy snows to summer heat. But these asphalt repair and maintenance services can counteract these effects and extend the life of your asphalt pavement by years.

  • Crack Sealing – We use the latest specially blended asphalt crack fillers and technologies to completely fill cracks in your parking lot or roadway.
  • Asphalt Sealcoating – One of the most common ways to rehabilitate worn asphalt pavement is with a sealcoating, which provides a protective coating over the surface of the pavement.
  • Infrared Patching – This kind of advanced asphalt patching involves using infrared heat to melt both existing and new asphalt pavement into one continuous surface that will better withstand wear and tear.

Your Monroe, WI Area Asphalt Experts

Asphalt MainteParking lot sealcoatingnance Services are dedicated to providing our Monroe area neighbors with the highest quality asphalt services using state of the art asphalt materials and the latest asphalt technologies like infrared patching. If you’re a property owner in the Monroe WI area, contact us today for quality asphalt services.