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For over twenty years, Asphalt Maintenance Services has established itself as the most trusted and reputable asphalt contractor in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. We use the latest processes and highest quality materials to create the best outcomes for your paving job, whether that’s installing a large commercial parking lot or a smaller asphalt repair job. We stay with you throughout the life of the project, from delivering a detailed, sophisticated proposal within 24 hours to when our highly trained and licensed experts perform your job. We take photos before and during our work so that you can always be assured of quality. With our 3 year warranty, we guarantee our asphalt will remain beautiful as well as functional.

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– We offer a unique proposal package that includes computer visuals, detailed maps, and education on asphalt types.
– Our expert contractors have decades of experience in the local area, so we understand your needs.
– We’ve been recognized as an innovative leader in asphalt error correction and installation.

History and Fun in Janesville, WI

As the seat of Rock County, Janesville, Wisconsin has a long, storied history stretching back even before settlers from the East came to the area, when Native Americans, including the Potawatomi tribe, lived on the banks of the Rock River. These settlers brought German culture, Christianity, and industries like lumber to the area, leading to the building of lumber mills and plants in the area. Railroads moved in during the nineteenth century, and then General Motors built a plant in 1919. There’s so much history in this small town that of all the sites registered with the National Registry of Historic Places in Wisconsin, twenty percent are located in Janesville!

When visiting Janesville, WI, you can learn about this long history by visiting one of the many historic districts, such as the Columbus Circle neighborhood. One of the most famous historic sites is the Tallman House, where former President Abraham Lincoln slept for two nights. They host many special events as well as educational tours that are fun for the whole family. In addition to historical sites, visitors can also enjoy the natural beauty of Wisconsin at the many parks in Janesville. The Rotary Botanical Gardens’ 20 acres of beautiful themed gardens is a great place to start, but outdoor enthusiasts can also picnic and hike in Palmer Park and on the Rock River at Riverside Park.

Of course there’s more to Janesville than historical sites and gardens. The city boasts great modern shopping options and dining experiences from local fine dining to fun and casual sports bars. In Janesville, visitors and residents both can enjoy the history of the area as well as the modern conveniences.

Asphalt Pavement Projects in Janesville, WI

Asphalt Maintenance Systems is in the process of updating our Janesville project details and will be posting more about this parking lot paving and line striping project that we completed last summer. AMS is a full service commercial paving contractor that can help you will all your pavement project or maintenance needs!

Recent Projects in Janesville, WI

Check back here soon to see the photo’s and details of a recent asphalt paving project we completed.