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How it all began…

Back in 1998, Nick Yoss envisioned what has later became Asphalt Maintenance Systems. Nearly 20 years later, AMS is a nationally recognized and award winning paving and asphalt maintenance company. with the continued growth and prosperity that this company brings. The Yoss family has been amazing in laying the foundation across nearly a dozen locations with success.

It is rare to find a husband and wife team that can work together and build such an impressive company, they’ve done so. I invite anyone reading this short blog to reach out to Asphalt Maintenance Systems and simply say hello. We are highly engaged in the communities we serve and love meeting new people.

When you see an AMS truck out and about, you will probably see a waive and smile.

We wish you the best and thank you for following us.

Could you be killing your asphalt?

Cracks in your pavement? Or Cracks in your sealer? That is the question. Over sealing is a common and silent killer of your asphalt and you may be partially to blame. Sealing with a cheap or watered down sealer will result in the sealer sometimes fading or turning gray. This makes people think they need to seal before sealing is actually needed. If sealer is applied before needing resealing it can result to the sealer building layers witch results in cracking of the sealer. Makeing people think it needs sealed again and the viscous cycle continues. Make sure about 60-70% off your old sealer is worn off before resealing. A AMS Asphalt error correction specialist can help assist you if you think you may be over sealing and help you find a solution and get you on the right maintenance plan. Call today. 866-561-3756

Pot Holes? Donut Holes Made from Pot!

A local donut shop HIGHLY recommended. The local shop is making donut holes out of Marijuana Butter and have named the wacky treats pot holes.

2017 Top Contractor

Asphalt Maintenance Systems has made top contractor in pavement maintenance magazine for the 5th year in a row. AMS is proud to be recognized with such an honor in our industries and strives to continue learning and reaching new heights….Lead by example!

Top Contractor 2016

Asphalt Maintenance Systems was recognized and honored in the pavement maintenance magazine’s “Top Contractor” edition the 4th time. AMS is very thankful and humbled!

Advanced Auto Parts

AMS received the opportunity to sealcoat and stripe 110 Advanced Auto Parts locations throughout the State of Florida on November 11, 2015, with a deadline of January 1, 2016. AMS not only fought through three substantial rain delays, they had three major Holidays to work around so families were together. With many sleepless nights, the AMS team was only 5 days behind the deadline all said and done. Weather mainly responsible.

Top Contractor 2015

In the 2015 edition of pavement maintenance and reconstruction magazine, Asphalt Maintenance Systems has made the Top Contractor list for the 3rd year in a row amongst the very competitive and always changing industry.

Top Contractor 2014

Top Contractor 2013

Asphalt Maintenance Systems is humbly honored to be recognized in the prestigious pavement maintenance & reconstruction magazine as one of 2013’s Top Contractors.

A benchmark for AMS that drives their future of success.