Average Cost of Parking Lot Sealcoating in Rock County, WI

Asphalt parking lots are very durable, especially when installed by professionals. However, even the best commercial parking lot needs preventative maintenance to keep it smooth and safe. Over time, weather can break down asphalt paving, making it crack and fade, which is no good for a business. Customers and employees require a safe parking lot to make a business successful, and asphalt maintenance services are the way to do this. Commercial property owners in Rock County, WI and surrounding areas need a full service asphalt paving company who can do crack filling, line striping, and sealcoating.

All these asphalt maintenance services are great ways to get an old or damaged parking lot back into tip-top shape, but asphalt sealcoating is one of the best ways to both fix certain issues and prevent them from happening again.

Parking lot sealcoating

What is asphalt sealcoating?

A sealcoat is a liquid polymer mixture that is poured over a paved asphalt service, specially formulated to fix and protect against wear. It flows into hairline cracks in the asphalt and binds the asphalt together. Once properly cured, a layer of asphalt sealcoat also creates a smooth surface with superior traction, as well as provides protection against water and UV rays that prevent further weathering. A professional asphalt company will offer sealcoating as part of their maintenance services.

Cost to Sealcoat a Parking Lot in the Rock County Area

Of course Wisconsin area business owners are concerned with the bottom line. As a business working in Rock County and surrounding areas for years, Asphalt Maintenance Systems gets this too, and we strive to offer the highest quality work in sealcoating and paving at the best price. Let’s look at the average pricing for a parking lot seal coating in the Illinois and Wisconsin area.

While there is a range, the average cost to sealcoat a commercial asphalt parking lot is between seven and eleven cents per square foot. The average for Wisconson is around $0.09 per square foot. Of course many factors affect this price. Of course the first factor is the size of the parking lot, which can get very large for commercial paving projects. Professional paving companies also understand that business must keep rolling, so the number of steps needed to complete the asphalt maintenance is also a factor.

With all these factors to the cost of an asphalt parking lot sealcoat, the most important factor is the quality of the work you’ll get. Asphalt Maintenance Systems maintains the highest levels of professionalism by keeping up to date certifications and insurance on all employees. This means that you can trust the work that we do and know that your new sealcoat will protect your commercial parking lot for years.

If you have a commercial parking lot in Rock County, WI and surrounding areas, contact Asphalt Maintenance Systems today for a thorough inspection. Our asphalt experts can look over your parking lot, no matter how large or complicated. Working with you, we’ll develop a plan to fix any issues, repaint faded lines, and/or protect your commercial parking lot with a sealcoat. Whatever your asphalt or concrete paving needs, we will find your perfect solution.