Average Cost of Parking Lot Paving in Rock County WI

Commercial property owners in the Rock County, WI area know that their parking lot is the most important part of their business. A safe parking lot is vital for both customers and employees, and the way to make sure that your new lot is safe is proper paving design and installation. The premier paving company in the area, Asphalt Maintenance Systems Inc., has the expertise to make sure your commercial parking lot is designed and paved perfectly. Let’s look at the parking lot installation process and how these steps affect the cost of paving a parking lot in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Steps to a Proper Commercial Parking Lot Installation

To make sure a commercial parking lot will last for years, it needs to be installed the right way by professionals with experience.

  • Parking Lot Design: To start things off right, your paving company needs to have expert designers who will evaluate your site and design a parking lot that is easy to navigate.
  • Site Preparation: In order for asphalt to remain stable, there needs to be a compacted gravel base underneath the top layer. To prevent water pooling that leads to cracks, this bottom layer should also be graded for proper drainage.
  • Expert Installation: After the bottom layer is graded and compacted, your expert paving contractors will pour high-quality hot asphalt. This layer is consists of gravel and sand suspended in a petroleum-based substance called bitumen, which gives asphalt its black color. This layer is poured, smoothed out, and left to cure.
  • Finishing: To finish off the lot, concrete is poured into curbs, parking space bumpers, aprons, and sidewalks. Parking lot experts also use special reflective traffic paint to paint parking lot stripes, ADA signage, and other markings to direct traffic.

Though all these steps are very important, cost is foremost in the minds of many business owners. What many commercial property owners don’t understand is that these steps can affect the cost from the quality of the products used to the expertise of the installers.

Average Parking Lot Paving Costs in IL and WI

Because the size of a parking lot can vary widely, depending on the business, it’s best to look at average costs for asphalt paving in terms of square feet. For an average commercial parking lot with a thick gravel underlayer and at least a 2 inch thickness of asphalt, the average cost is $1.50 per square foot. In the Rock County, WI and surrounding areas, prices can range from $1.41 to $1.60 per square foot. Adding services like parking lot striping can add to the cost as well, with an 18 foot, four inch wide stripe costing an average of $4.00.

Like with any type of service, you get what you pay for, so it’s vital to find a reputable paving company to install an asphalt parking lot. Rock County, WI commercial property owners are in luck, as Asphalt Maintenance Systems can perform all these steps with budget and quality in mind. Contact us right away for a detailed site inspection and proposal.