Asphalt cracks in Roscoe, IL

Asphalt Maintenance Systems is located in the northernmost area of Illinois and specializes in asphalt and concrete paving services. Bordering Wisconsin in the town of South Beloit, IL, the corporate office of AMS has access to service customers in both Illinois and Wisconsin. Asphalt Maintenance Systems has become a leader in pavement services since 1998 through the staff’s expert knowledge and experience in the field.

We recently performed scheduled asphalt maintenance at an existing client’s parking lot in Roscoe, IL. We had previously paved this client’s convenience store parking lot, so they were scheduled for their routine bi-annual maintenance.

We arrived at the job site and were pleased with the condition of the parking lot. Routine maintenance will preserve and extend the lifespan of the parking lot, and this parking lot was no exception.

While there were only a few visible asphalt cracks that needed to be filled and sealed, we fully examined the parking lot to make sure there were no additional vulnerabilities that needed to be repaired. We only had to fill a few cracks in the pavement and seal the asphalt during this scheduled maintenance. The owner was pleased with our attention to detail and our timeliness to perform the maintenance.